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Don’t You Know Human Resources is the Enemy?


Now that I have your attention, I hope you will continue to read this article. The above statement is an actual declaration of a fellow employee to me when he asked what my role was with the company. Like it or not, this is a perception by many, and explains in a small way the adversity that human resources directors face.

As I pondered this statement a little further, I did what I usually do, and that is try to dig to the base of the rationale and thought stated. What would make someone feel that way? Although there are many layers to that onion, indulge me to share what I consider the base of the issue. In a nutshell, it is the past vs. the future. There is no doubt, human resources is often the culprit of change. Whether it is policy, personnel, or training to reshape employee behavior. And as a whole, people do not want to change. Human resources, by nature, works in the future. They possess the responsibility to foresee, and navigate beyond potential threats to the organization. Their role includes safeguarding, through forward thinking, the resources (human and capital) and reputation of the organization. Human resources directors, trainers, and employees are often faced with the task of being the messenger prognosticating vulnerabilities that need correcting. And we all know the cliché of wanting to kill the messenger. The revelation of vulnerability to company is never good news. It often translates into financial cost impact the bottom line. It also will translate into time needed to be invested to protect the organization. And it will ultimately mean…CHANGE. Yes, that dreaded word. The worn path is the most easily traveled, and ease is the goal, right? (So said many an ostrich with their head in the sand).

By contrast, many prefer the past rather than the future. If you don’t believe it, just sit down and yawn through another individual’s dialogue of the great things they have done. As humans, we have tendencies to stockpile past achievements into a mountain we can stand upon for added social strata. If we have a large mountain, it naturally means we are the expert in the room. Right? Not necessarily.

And then there are the most often repeated phrases in human history. ‘We’ve never had a problem in the PAST.” We’ve never had to do it that way BEFORE.” Get the idea?

The ultimate purpose of this article is to mine for answers. Not to add salt to wounds. Being hated as the enemy is never fun. Let the challenge be to navigate the thinking to a forward posture, before trying to present the need for change. When individuals only have the past as a reference point, you will always be faced with opposition. Help your team get rid of ‘stinkin’ thinkin’ by helping them view the future. Maybe then you won’t be the enemy.

Happy trails!

written by James Anderson, PHR

James teaches the Employment, Recruiting, and Placement Specialist program at Career Tech in Lakeland, Florida


Why Train?


Photo Contest


Career Tech is holding it’s first Alumni Photo Contest. Our CDL School Graduates are encouraged to submit photographs of ‘Where They Are Now’, to be posted on our Facebook page. The picture receiving the most ‘Likes’ wins.


Photo contest rules:

Photo may be: a selfie, your truck, a unique picture of somewhere along your travels. (please, no pictures taken while driving)

Contest ends March 7, 2014 at noon EST.

Picture receiving most ‘likes’on our Facebook page wins.

Not limited to one picture. You may send as many as you like.

Include name, address, and location of picture with photo.

Remember, the more ‘Likes’ you get, the better your chances. Be sure to ‘like’ our Facebook page, and ‘Share’ your photo often to get more likes.

Mail entries to

We Love Our Veteran’s


It was a pleasure yesterday to host Paul Clark and John Quirk III in my office for a discussion regarding assisting veterans. Paul and John represent Clark’s House in Lakeland, Florida. Clark’s House is an outreach program providing assistance to Veteran’s for basic needs such as housing. Their goal is to make sure U.S. Military Veterans have the assistance they need to get on their feet. For more information, visit their website at, or call 863-940-9982.

CDL Permit Prep Test Now Available in Spanish


Career Tech in Lakeland, Florida now offers Spanish Translation of our CDL Permit Prep Test. The translation includes the General Knowledge, Air Brakes, Combination Vehicle, and Hazmat Endorsement portions of the test. The CDL Prep test is available for $29.99 (click here to purchase), and is available free to U.S. Military Veterans or students enrolled in our CDL Training programs. A free abbreviated version is also available. Career Tech has an additional campus in Tampa, Florida. A tutorial of how to use the program is available at

Career Tech Online Adds Personal Trainer Program

Career Tech Online has just added a Personal Trainer Personal Trainer Career Training Program. The details are listed below, or you can visit for more information.

Program Description

The Online Professional Certificate in Personal Fitness Training is a web-based, interactive educational experience that includes input and guidance from outstanding faculty/instructors drawn from colleges/universities, the allied health/medical field, and the personal fitness training profession.

The certificate program is designed to supply essential education integrating exercise science curriculum and practical training techniques into a systematic model that teaches students to progress their clients through different training levels and phases.  Students will be prepared for careers working at medically-based fitness facilities, community wellness programs, personal training studios, physical therapy clinics, corporate fitness centers, YMCA’s/JCC’s, and private and commercial health clubs.

The Online Professional Certificate in Personal Fitness Training program is designed to prepare students with:

  • Guidance, instruction, and interaction from outstanding instructors that hold either a Master’s or Ph.D. degree in exercise science, biomechanics, exercise physiology, kinesiology, physical therapy, nutrition or an exercise science-related degree.
  • Optional Field Internship Course: Students that enter the program have three unique internship options.
  • Obtain a professional college certificate from an accredited institution.
  • College courses provide CECs or CEUs for personal trainers, group fitness instructors, physical therapists, athletic trainers, exercise physiologists, RD’s, chiropractors and for those fitness and health professionals seeking re-certification, re-licensure, or career advancement.
  • Cost-effective: expenses related to facilities, travel, and non-productive time is reduced.
  • Control and flexibility: online education allows students to complete course work at their own pace.
  • Easy access: online education allows students to access their education from anywhere there is an Internet connection.
  • Advanced education for personal trainers, group fitness instructors, physical therapists, RD’s, athletic trainers, fitness managers, nurses, and chiropractors.
  • Networking opportunities with industry experts, medical professionals, professors, researchers, and business leaders in the industry.
  • The Professional Certificate in Personal Fitness Training program is offered in partnership with the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Graduates of the Certificate Program will receive a preferred discount to take the ACE Certified Personal Trainer Certification Exam and on study materials.
  • Included with the certificate program registration, students will receive complimentary access to receive the National Posture Institute’s Certified Resistance Training Professional™ (RTP™) designation. 



  •  For adults (18 and over)
  • Students must have a GED or High School diploma to participate



  • Introduction to Exercise Science-Level I (Anatomy and Kinesiology)
  • Introduction to Exercise Science-Level II (Exercise Physiology)


  • Health Risk Profiles and Fitness Assessment Techniques
  • Business Administration and Management Aspects for Personal Trainers


  • Designing Exercise Prescriptions for Normal/Special Populations
    Optional Field Internship in Personal Training


OSHA Forklift Certification Class



Career Tech offers monthly OSHA Forklift Certification Classes. The next class is scheduled for Tuesday, February 11th. For more information and registration go to: Career Tech Forklift Training.