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You Used What for an Email Address?

September 23, 2013


Yesterday I followed up with a prospective applicant by phone, and was directed to their voicemail. It made me chuckle a little as I listened to the message. It sounded as though the intention was to intimidate me and convince me how ‘bad’ he was before I left my voice mail. I thought to myself, not a real great message while job hunting. If one really wants a job, they might want to recheck the voice mail on the number they list on their resume. Good advice is never record your message when you are angry, in a hurry, or just want to beat someone up.

This brought me as well to a reflection of some of the crazy email addresses I have also seen on resumes and job applications. I am serious, godsgift2women@……. was one of them. I have at times amused myself by asking an applicant, “So I can reach you at (read their crazy email aloud)”. I try not to smile when I see their reaction, once they realize another email address might have been more impressive in job searches.

What are some of the ridiculous e-mail addresses you have seen? Please for privacy sake leave the domain details out. Thought this might good for a chuckle on a Friday. And of course keep ‘em clean. Have a great day.


by James Anderson, PHR

Career Tech – Employment, Recruiting, and Placement Specialist


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