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Adding Value Is What It Is About

September 26, 2013


How often have we conducted a review for an employee, but felt less than confident we could justify giving them a raise? Or maybe on the other hand, we came up for review expecting a raise, yet could not present an argument as to why we might deserve one? In the reality of today’s employment environment, where many wages have been frozen or even reduced, educational initiative can create a stronger argument for increased wages. Gone are the days of expecting a raise because I actually got myself out of bed and came to work for a year. Advancements in wages, and promotions, must now be justified. Yet countless employees who desperately wish they had more income spend every available hour seeking entertainment, rather than growing their skill sets. Employers can help inspire personal growth by providing incentives for educational pursuits.

Today, countless resources are available online to help employees grow in their vocational abilities. Companies like Career Tech Online ( have ready catalogs on the internet, offering low cost options for employee training. Even including video library subscriptions providing unlimited content in specific fields.

Zig Ziglar once said, “They only thing worse than losing an employee you trained, is keeping on you haven’t”. As skill sets evolve, the company may profit more from the contribution the employee is able to make. Developing talent should be the goal of organizations that are forward planning. It can also assist in succession planning. An organization can inspire educational pursuits, by rewarding those employees that are more deeply engaged in their careers.

For the employee, why wait until the layoff or downsize to consider strengthening your resume. Online education and skill enhancement can put a little more substance into your resume. It does not have to be a complete career program. Individual course can be secured, such as business math, business law, marketing and sales, or supervisory skills. It is not limited to the office either. OSHA training such as Hazmat, Hazwoper, and Confined Spaces are all available by internet. Even qualifications such as HAACP for food safety in retail food establishments. So why not invest a little and bring something more to your annual review than ‘sad puppy dog eyes’.

Employers, what gets rewarded gets repeated. Create a culture of personal development by advancing those with initiative to grow their skills.


by James Anderson

Internet Recruiting and Marketing


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